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Our Strength

CNC Machine

CNC Machine

We have Five Jyoti DX-200 CNC Machines with a Capacity of Dia. 200 x L350.00. 

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are pivotal in modern manufacturing, enabling automated, precise, and efficient production. These machines are controlled by computer software, ensuring high accuracy and consistency in producing complex components. For a precision components manufacturing company, CNC machines significantly enhance production capabilities, reduce human error, and ensure tight tolerances, leading to superior quality products and increased operational efficiency.
Hydrolic Press

Hydrolic Press

We have a 50-Ton hydraulic press machine from Waldoor Company, which significantly boosts our manufacturing capabilities. For a component manufacturing company, such a machine is invaluable due to its ability to efficiently and precisely produce high-quality parts, leading to increased productivity and cost savings.


Benefits for Precision Components Manufacturing:

  1. High Precision: Ensures consistent and accurate results in the shaping and forming of components.
  2. Versatility: Capable of handling various tasks such as bending, punching, and molding, making it suitable for diverse manufacturing needs.
  3. Efficiency: Provides high force with less power consumption, enhancing production speed and reducing operational costs.
  4. Quality: Produces components with excellent surface finish and structural integrity.
  5. Safety: Equipped with advanced control systems to ensure safe operation and reduce the risk of accidents.
VMC Machine

VMC Machine

 We have a Jyoti VMC Machine with a capacity of 600x410x520. 

Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) are essential in modern manufacturing, providing high precision and versatility in machining operations. These machines are designed to perform milling, drilling, tapping, and other cutting tasks with exceptional accuracy. 
For a precision components manufacturing company, VMC machines are invaluable as they ensure consistent quality, reduce production time, and allow for complex geometries.
This leads to superior product quality, enhanced efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.
Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine

 We have Seven Yogi Machine Tools lathe machine with a capacity of Dia. 250 x L450.00.

Lathe machines are crucial in manufacturing, enabling the precise shaping and machining of materials by rotating the workpiece against cutting tools. They are ideal for creating cylindrical parts, threads, and intricate shapes with high accuracy. For a precision components manufacturing company, lathe machines are essential as they provide consistent quality, fine surface finishes, and the capability to work with various materials. 

This results in superior components, enhancing overall product quality and customer satisfaction.

Slotting Machine

Slotting Machine

 We have Two Ravi Machine Tools Make slotting machine. 

Slotting machines are crucial in manufacturing for creating slots, grooves, and keyways in workpieces. They work by vertically reciprocating a single-point cutting tool, allowing for precise and controlled material removal. 
For precision components manufacturing, slotting machines are invaluable for creating intricate features with exceptional accuracy, enhancing the company's capabilities and product quality.
Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine

 We have Two Ravi Machine Tools Make Drilling Machine. 

Drilling machines are like the artists of precision manufacturing, creating perfect holes in workpieces. They ensure components fit together seamlessly, enhancing product quality and performance. For precision components manufacturing companies, these machines are essential tools for achieving perfection in every piece.

Milling Machine

Milling Machine

 We have Two Gajjar Machine Tools Make Milling Machine. 

Think of milling machines as sculptors in the world of precision manufacturing. They craft intricate shapes and patterns on workpieces with meticulous detail. For precision components manufacturing companies, milling machines are like the artists' brushes, enabling the creation of flawless components that fit together perfectly, ensuring top-notch product quality and performance.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

We have Four Parishudh Make Cylindrical Grinding Machines with a length capacity of 450.00 mm.

Cylindrical grinding machines are like the master craftsmen in precision manufacturing. They refine the outer surfaces of cylindrical workpieces with unmatched precision and finesse, ensuring perfect dimensions and flawless finishes.

For precision components manufacturing companies, these machines are indispensable, guaranteeing the highest quality components that meet exacting standards. 

Centerless Grinding Machine

Centerless Grinding Machine

We have four Scarlo Make Centerless Grinding Machines with a capacity up to Dia. 100.00 mm.

Centerless grinding is the wizardry of precision manufacturing. These machines grind cylindrical parts without centers, ensuring impeccable accuracy and surface finish. For precision components manufacturing companies, centerless grinding machines are the ultimate tool, offering high productivity, precise control over dimensions, and the ability to grind various materials with ease, resulting in top-quality components.

Induction Hardening Machining

Induction Hardening Machining

We have two Electrotherm make induction hardening machines with a capacity up to 2000 mm hardening length and 10 mm case depth.

Induction hardening is the precision magic of manufacturing. These machines heat and harden component surfaces quickly, boosting durability and wear resistance.

For precision components manufacturing companies, induction hardening machines are essential, ensuring products meet the highest quality and performance standards. 

Manufactured under ISO9001:2000 standards, our products meet or exceed OEM Specifications. We have a proffessional QC team to gurantee our products quality and packages.

List Of Measuring Instruments :

Sr. No. Description Qty. Least Count Range Make
1 Digital Vernier 02 0.01 MM 0-200.00 MM Mitutoyo
2 Dial Vernier 01 0.02 MM 0-200.00 MM Aerospace 
3 Micrometer 03 0.01 MM 0-25.00 MM Baker
4 Micrometer 02 0.01 MM 25.00 MM - 50.00 MM  Baker
5 Micrometer 02 0.01 MM 50.00 MM - 75.00 MM Mitutoyo
6 Micrometer 02 0.01 MM 75.00 MM - 100.00 MM Mitutoyo
7 Depth Gauge  01 0.01 0-200.00 MM Aerospace
8 Height Gauge 01 0.02 0-600.00 MM Mitutoyo
9 Bore Gauge 01 0.001 10.00 MM -18.00 MM Mitutoyo
10 Bore Gauge 01 0.001 18.00 MM - 35.00 MM Mitutoyo
11 Bore Gauge 01 0.001 35.00 MM - 60.00 MM Mitutoyo
12 Bore Gauge 01 0.001 50.00 MM - 150.00 MM Mitutoyox
13 Dial 05 0.001 0.001 MM Mitutoyo
14 Dial 02 0.001 0.010 MM Baker
15 Hardness Tester 1-Set - 200 MM Saroj

List Of Machines :

Sr. No. Machine Description Qty. Capacity(MM) Make
1 CNC Machine 05 Dia. 200 x L350.00 Jyoti DX -200
2 Hydrolic Press 01 50 Matric Ton Waldoor
3 VMC Machine 01 600x410x520 Jyoti
4 Lathe Machine 07 Dia. 250 x L 450.00 Yogi m/c Tools
5 Slotting Machine 02 - Ravi m/c Tools
6 Drilling Machine  02 - Ravi m/c Tools
7 Milling Machine 02 - Gajjar m/c Tools
8 Cylindrical Grinding Machine 04 Length - 450.00 MM Parisudh
9 Centreless Grinding Machine 01 Dia. Up To 100.00 MM Scarlo
10 Induction Harding Machining 02 Up To 2000 MM Harding Length With 10 MM Case Depth Electrothumb